Folk Melanii

Krystyna Lukasiewicz- Wielgosik

    My name is Krystyna Lukasiewicz- Wielgosik and I am creator and designer of Folk Melanii’s collection. This collection is my third baby, and despite it being very demanding and time consuming, I love it almost as much as my real kids! I created it from the beginning and throughout all the years I have taken care of it, helping it to grow and improve it every single day. Because of this, I can offer only high-quality products, created with heart and passion by skilled and competent seamstresses.  

Folk’s Melanii’s collection was created between 2013 and 2014 because of my love of sewing, folklore and tradition. My first pieces were infinity scarfs, a Slavic style skirt and shirts with hearts. After selling these products for a while I extended my assortment to more clothes and accessories for the home, cars and businesses.

Since 2014 I have sewn outfits for folk bands and country housewife’s clubs. They are often custom made which has taught me a lot about sewing and processing orders. Since 2016 I have been the owner of the Folker Company and of the whole Melanii collection, which has given me freedom in creating and improving my projects.

My mission is to promote tradition in everyday life, show that folklore is not boring, and that it fit with modern fashion and lifestyles. Through my businesses, I want to pass my love of tradition, folk history and art to the future generations.